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this girl = hot 
6/8/2003 02:36:57 AM

damn i've known this fool since sophomore year in high school. 
6/4/2003 12:08:58 PM

i was thinking about you the other day. i miss you, girl. 
5/23/2003 03:30:49 PM

props to for linkin' me up. :D 
5/23/2003 02:02:59 AM

props to mzJoolz for still linkin' me even tho i've been out of things for so long. :) 
5/22/2003 05:39:10 PM

Subject: EDC pics came in
Time: 03:14 PM PST
Date:2003 July 14

Dear friend,

Pictures courtesy of

me and the bf

me and vu

me and "boobies!" aka carissa


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Subject: =P
Time: 02:30 PM PST
Date:2003 July 14

Dear friend,

I think I've rediscovered myself somewhat. Recently I realized that I am really a geek at heart, and no matter how much makeup I put on, no matter how much I try to assimilate into the 'cool' society, I'm really a big fat geek. So, I've decided not to try anymore.

Wish me luck.


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Subject: Things I love
Time: 12:58 PM PST
Date:2003 July 10

Dear friend,

My friends from San Jose came to visit this past week and it wasn't until I was driving home after dropping them off that I realized how much I missed them. There's nothing like leaving your friends knowing that you're probably not going to see them for a really long time. One of them is even leaving the country for a year -- I didn't even give her a hug.

On a brighter note, Anime Expo was this weekend and i was dressed up as Chloe from Noir. Got tons of free stuff and even got my picture taken! If I find myself anywhere, I'll be sure to post it up.

I'm at work right now. It's boring. Yeah. So boring that I had to write in my journal. Yes, it's that boring.


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Subject: thinking
Time: 10:11 AM PST
Date:2003 June 13

Dear friend,

What can I do to not think? Because that's what gets me in trouble. I want to go through the world as a blind thoughtless fool. Maybe then, maybe, I won't be the way I am.


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