Upcycled Pringle Can Jet Pack (How-To)

Here’s a fun and super quick craft (not to mention delicious, as it involves eating 2 cans of pringles prior to making it). Follow the link after the jump for instructions and more pictures.



2 Pringles cans

1 3′ length of string/ribbon

1 sheet of orange construction paper or scrapbook paper

1 sheet of red construction paper or tissue paper

1 sheet of yellow construction paper or tissue paper

2 pieces of aluminum foil



  1. Wrap Pringles cans on aluminum foil and tape the edges down
  2. Tape the Pringles cans together
  3. Cut your piece of stiff orange paper in a circle about 6 inches in diameter.  (Whatever the radius of your circle is, that will be the height of the top of your rocket.
  4. Cut the circle in half and with each half circle fold only the edge of the straight line (the part you cut in half) together and then tape to create 2 orange cones.
  5. Tape thew two orange cones to the top of your Pringles cans
  6. Cut 1in strips from the red, orange and yellow papers about 1 inch in width and tape them to the bottom of the pringles cans.
  7. Make them more ‘flamelike’ if you feel like, by cutting points into the end of the paper strips
  8. Tape the center of the length of string to the back of the jet pack (I centered the string and then taped the string to both pringles cans.
  9. Attach to your kid by first looping the string over the shoulders and under the armpits and tying a bow on the back, in between the pack and your child’s back.
  10. Enjoy the cuteness that ensues!


IMG_7644 IMG_7647 IMG_7654 IMG_7659 IMG_7699 IMG_7715 IMG_7718 IMG_7719 IMG_7724 IMG_7729

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