Top 10 benefits of having MS


Ever since I was diagnosed with MS, I’ve struggled to deal with the impact that it and the treatment have had on my life.  Today I wanted to take a look at things on the bright side.  Here are top 10 things that make MS more bearable.

  1. I’ve lost 17 lbs. Nuff said.
  2. Since my feet are really numb, I can wear any kind of shoe that I want, even 6 inch heels for an entire day at a convention without feeling even a tiny bit of pain afterwards.
  3. I have a Dr’s note that says I can work from home whenever I feel dizzy – which is pretty much all the time in the summer since heat aggravates my symptoms.
  4. I have medication that I have inject weekly — and while that sucks,for the month before I got the injection pen Brent had to inject me in the butt which made a great story.
  5. After my spinal tap I was ordered by the Dr to drink coffee and tea for a week.  This might not be a big deal to you, but I’m a converted Mormon so drinking that expresso felt dangerous to my salvation, but oh-so-delicious.
  6. Since heat aggravates my symptoms I can justify keeping the air condition blasting all the time in this huge house during a heatwave.
  7. I’m participating in a study, so one day I’ll be a part of one of those medical journal articles that say “in a study of X people along the course of 10 years…”
  8. Numb fingers mean that if I one day get diabetes I can check my blood sugar all day without worries.
  9. I got to see the inside of my brain and have 2 CD-roms full of pictures of my insides.
  10. I can blame any stupidity that falls out of my mouth and into the air on brain lesions and not my actual thoughts.
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  • Your post put a smile on my face. Thank you for staying positive and sharing it with others. I have so many MS symptoms its not even funny. I go for my first MRI in about a week. I hope my neurologist has some answers for me. May I keep in touch with you?

    Thank you =)

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