Freebie: Number Tracing Worksheets


I’m constantly looking for worksheets and learning games to do with my son, but most of them are so ugly that I end up stealing the ideas and making my own so that I can live with starting at the games day after day.  These worksheets are some number tracing worksheets that I made recently.  What I’ve been doing is printing them out and then laminating them and having Rand trace the numbers with the lovely crayola dry-erase markers.  He loves the colorful pictures and these worksheets have been great in helping him with the concept of writing.

Still needs some work

It’s toddler-approved!

 Download PDF here

Here’s what the pages look like. You could easily print these out in b&w if you don’t have a laminating machine, too.  (I prefer it because I feel it’s less wasteful!)




 Download PDF here

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