Mascot Monday – How-to: Bear Ornament (Free Pattern)


In preparation for the holidays, I’m beginning Mascot Monday, where I will post up an instructional PDF once a week on how to do a simple mascot ornament gift.  Last year for Christmas I made one for each of my friends and they were very well received, so this year I’m offering everyone these instructions so that everyone can enjoy them!

This week’s ornament: Bear

One of the few photos I have of a completed mascot

Sadly, I recently changed computers so I’ve lost almost all of the photos i had of the actual mascots once they were made, but hopefully you can imagine all the mascots from the few pictures that I do have :)

Supplies Needed (all the supplies can be used for multiple mascots):

  • 3 Pieces craft felt in different colors (I used brown for the body, black for the eyes and nose, and tan for the muzzle and belly)
  • 1 Tube crazy glue
  • 1 Spool of coordinating thred
  • 1 Package of stuffing

Step 1: Download & Print PDF Instruction Sheet

Step 2: Cut out the shapes of the paper pattern

Step 3: Use the paper shapes to cut out your shapes in felt.  I like to tape the shape onto the felt with scotch tape  so that it’s easier to cut.

Step 4: Follow the instructions on the guide:

  1. Glue ears (7a,b) to back of 1a. Sanwich ears with 1b. BS & stuff. Set aside.
  2. Glue arms (2a,b) and legs (4a,b) to back of 5a.
  3. Glue 6 to front of 5a. Optional: embroider small x on tummy for belly button.
  4. Sandwich arms, legs with 5b. BS & stuff.
  5. Attach head to body. 6 – Glue on eyes (9a,b), muzzle (8) and nose (3).


PDF Instruction Sheet

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