Lego Marble Run – with educational upgrades!


We made a lego marble run today, inspired by this one and we ended up adding some upgrades that I wanted to share, since I think they’re super fun =]


First, we added numbers to this simple marble run to make it a little bit more complex, the goal was to roll the ball over each of the numbers in order. Just took regular scotch tape and a sharpie and presto! A counting toy :) Initially I just had it go from 1-5 but he kept insisting for more numbers and by the end we had 20.IMG_7730

I imagine we can do this again with any number of things, colored dots, alphabet, etc :)


After that got too repetitive, we added more interesting places for the ball to go, like a garage, and some extra obstacles



According to Rand this was a lemon tree



Once the people were added as obstacles, he inadvertently knocked over one of them while doing the puzzle and, of course, that became a whole new game.


Bonus, this is the hospital that we took our lego guys to after they got knocked out



Definitely a very fun, simple, and cheap activity. 10/10 will do again. :)

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