I AM GROOT – Kid craft with toilet paper rolls, and brown paper bag, and pipe cleaners and solo cups – How-to

I’m beyond excited about this one! My first personal creative and non-pinterested thing in a long time haha. Not even sure how the idea came to me, but we had an AMAZING time being creative together and trying out things until it worked!



1 brown paper bag
5 pipe cleaners
1 toilet paper roll or paper towel roll
2 sheets tissue paper (I used leftovers from his birthday)


Directions after the cut


1. Cut approx 2 inch section of toilet paper, then cut 4 evenly spaced slits on one end of the piece.  Push the edges together so they overlap a little bit and then tape them into place to make a tapered edge. (sorry I don’t have any real pictures of this but hopefully the pictures on step 3 will make it make sense)




2. Twist together 3 pipe cleaners, then twist together 2 pipe cleaners.  The 3 pipe cleaners will be for the body and the 2 will be for the arms




3. Twist the 2 pipe cleaners around the 3 pipe cleaners.  See here for the toilet paper head — the tapered end makes it a little closer to the right shape!





3. Pull some of the pipe cleaners through and tape them to the top part of groot’s head




4. Cut the brown paper bag into pieces and crumple it up in a ball, then open it up and twist the paper around the pipe cleaners to make his bark!  The paper will naturally just stay in place but if you need to you can add tape for more security.



Twisting on the arm pieces




5. Wrap the bag around the toilet paper roll part like a present and then cut raggedy slits along the top


6. Crumple up used tissue paper around the bottom of groot and then stuff him into a cup.




7. Draw on the face, we happened to have some left over black stickers which I used a circle punch on to make the eyes, but googly eyes, black paper or a marker would all do fine!




8.  Use a light green marker to color his body and the top part of his hair




9. I am Groot!


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