Hungry Caterpillar Toddler Footprint/Toeprint Craft

After I saw these amazing hungry caterpillar toeprints on Pinterest (don’t know what site they came from :( ) I felt like I had to do it, but instead of just having the toe prints, I decided to take it a little further and make my own version of the book for Rand’s wall. Then, we made prints of his feet in purple/blue/green hues on the yellow paper and put them together to make the butterfly. This was a long project, but so worth it in the end!


You can see how the prints are done on this link — I simply made a bunch of toe prints on white paper and cut them out. Then I freehanded the shapes on scrap pieces of construction paper and glued them onto scrap pieces of scrapbook paper. The green paper was paper than Rand had painted on randomly a previous day that I had kept (I loved the extra texture it gave to the leaves!)

Here are some closeups of each panel:








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