Freebies: Printable 6-piece Colorful Owl Toddler Puzzle


This is one of the first games I ever made for my son, it was super simple and worked really well because there are a relatively small amount of puzzle pieces. He likes naming the owl colors and talking about what each one does. (Don’t know if anyone can spot the Kobe owl on here :))

Download PDF


  1. Printer
  2. Paper and/or cardstock
  3. Lamination sheets (optional)


  1. Print out the owls onto paper and cut out puzzle. Enjoy!


  1. Print out 2 sheets to make the putting-back-together process easier, as your child will have a reference to work off of.
  2. As always, I love laminating and then attaching velcro to the backing and the corresponding top puzzle piece to make the pieces stay in place while he solves the other pieces.

Download PDF



Download PDF

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