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Spontaneous Testimony

Sometimes I hear people express disbelief at how people can keep faith in a church. Sometimes I respond.

I think my belief in the church is somewhat like my 1995 car. I have very little idea beyond the basics how it works — not being a car person I only know about the stuff you need to know to keep the car going — and if you take a look at each of its parts you probably would say it shouldn’t be working because some of the parts are so corrupted that it really should be impossible.

For 15 years (bought it used) my car and I have been together, while none of the parts of my car seem to be right, it still works for me and every time I set foot in my car I have faith that I’ll be able to get where I want to go because it has never let me down.

Maybe one day I’ll get in and I’ll realize it’s not right anymore, I always realize it’s a possibility — but not today, regardless of whether or not people think I should throw away my car I love it and it’s a part of me at this point.

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