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Lord of the Rings Hobbit House Toddler/Mommy Craft

We went back to the ReSource Warehouse & Gallery to do the make and take today (where you pay $5 an hour to use anything in their special room filled with a gazillion little fun odds and ends to make whatever you want). What started out with “maybe today we should make a house… or maybe a little town out of cardboard” turned into “let’s make a hobbit house!” It’s amazing what you can make with things that are just laying around, in this case an Amazon box, a large tube, some tissue paper and some paint. I love the Resource Warehouse’s weekly arty party! I can’t wait to keep coming back throughout the summer and see what else we can come up with!



More pictures after the cut, unfortunately no how-to because it was such a whirlwind to make


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I AM GROOT – Kid craft with toilet paper rolls, and brown paper bag, and pipe cleaners and solo cups – How-to

I’m beyond excited about this one! My first personal creative and non-pinterested thing in a long time haha. Not even sure how the idea came to me, but we had an AMAZING time being creative together and trying out things until it worked!



1 brown paper bag
5 pipe cleaners
1 toilet paper roll or paper towel roll
2 sheets tissue paper (I used leftovers from his birthday)


Directions after the cut

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Toilet Paper Roll Craft – Dinosaurs!

Once again another awesome craft for toddlers that I found on Pinterest! These came out incredibly cute and Rand had a wonderful time drawing the faces & toes, gluing the spikes and spots, and attaching the feet to the body. I did make one adjustment to the tutorial by taping a plastic straw to the back of the dinosaur’s head to keep it from drooping (since I didn’t have thick paper to work with)


Click through for setup and progress photos!

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Hungry Caterpillar Toddler Footprint/Toeprint Craft

After I saw these amazing hungry caterpillar toeprints on Pinterest (don’t know what site they came from :( ) I felt like I had to do it, but instead of just having the toe prints, I decided to take it a little further and make my own version of the book for Rand’s wall. Then, we made prints of his feet in purple/blue/green hues on the yellow paper and put them together to make the butterfly. This was a long project, but so worth it in the end!


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Freebie: Number Tracing Worksheets

I’m constantly looking for worksheets and learning games to do with my son, but most of them are so ugly that I end up stealing the ideas and making my own so that I can live with starting at the games day after day.  These worksheets are some number tracing worksheets that I made recently.  What I’ve been doing is printing them out and then laminating them and having Rand trace the numbers with the lovely crayola dry-erase markers.  He loves the colorful pictures and these worksheets have been great in helping him with the concept of writing.

Still needs some work

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