Baby Clothes Memory Quilt <3

If you’re anything like me, you probably cry every time you have to go through your baby’s clothes to put away/toss out the clothes that are too small.  No? Ok, maybe it’s just me. =] Anyway, here’s a fun project I was finally able to finish after 3 years.


Since I finally have some time off and we decided to stay local this year instead of going on vacation, I finally got some time to spend on something that I’ve been wanting to finish for a long time. Three years ago when we left California I was half-way done with getting this quilt together. In one of the two suitcases that we brought here from California, I had all the pieces of the top of this quilt. It would have been a complete waste if I never finished it!

This quilt is made out of pieces of Rand’s clothes from his first year, and fabric from the trip to Hawaii that we took when Rand was 3 months old. The inside is filled with fleece from the leftovers of the Totoro costume that I made for him last year for Halloween. All in all a blanket full of memories.

I tried to keep as much of the original hardware as possible, to keep it interesting!


My favorite part about this quilt are the parts where I was able to put together unusual parts of his clothes to add interest! Here, I attached the footsie pieces to the butt monkey piece to make some flaps.


This green dinosaur outfit was one of my favorites of all time, and it actually kinda hurt to cut it up, knowing that future babies wouldn’t be able to wear it!  For this square I kept the dino pattern, the buttons and pieces of the collar.


For some of the squares I left the neckline in tact and didn’t sew down the button flap, leaving a pocket of sorts on the blanket.


Here’s an example of a piece where the button flap was sewed down.  IN this one I had to do it diagonally because I wanted to make sure the whole design was visible.


Sometimes i had to be a little creative — in this one, the outfit was so small that the area with the design didn’t have enough fabric to cover a whole square, so I had to use a piece taken from another part of the onesie.


The final product wasn’t perfect, but it makes me so incredibly happy!  Three years in the making — I figure a not-perfect quilt is better than a perfect nonexistent quilt :)


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