Apartment Balcony Budget Toddler Sandbox


Moving from California to North Carolina one thing I didn’t think I’d miss is the beach, but recently we went to Myrtle Beach (6 hours away) and Rand loved it so much that I felt terrible that he was missing out on something he loves that used to be so accessible to us.  So I decided to do what I could to bring the beach to us.
Rand loves the sand, but I have personal qualms about public sand boxes so when we came back I decided I’d put a sandbox on our balcony. When I started doing research on sandboxes I discovered 2 things: sandboxes are expensive and sandboxes are big — way too big for our tiny apartment balcony. I came across this post about using a plastic container for the apartment and I thought it was GENIUS! I ran to Target for the container ($14) and Toys R Us for the sand ($7 for 50lbs) and less than an hour later Rand had a cute, weatherproof sandbox on our balcony.


Despite this face, he loves it and I love that I’ve increased the things that  he can do on our balcony.



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