12 Awesome Backpack Tutorials & Patterns


I’ve been looking for a new diaper bag — not because I don’t love the one I have right now, but because I like variety in my life.  At one point, I was thinking about making my own, and in that  quest I ran into these awesome patterns/tutorials.  There are so many free tutorials out there, but really only a few that I personally liked — so I narrowed down to my favorites.

Basic Backpack Tutorials & Patterns

1. Backpack in Yummy Oilcloth – by U-Handbag (free)

This bag is cute, modern and professional looking.  I love that it’s made in oilcloth — easy to wipe messes off!

2. String Backpack – by Mama Urchin (free)

Everyone needs a simple string backpack from time to time.  This tutorial is simple, clear, and has nice finishing touches like grommets to link the loops through.

3. The City Backpack – by Heart of Mary (free)

Another cute backpack

Designer Backpacks Tutorials & Patterns

These patterns are not the traditional backpack! So stylish :)

4. The Bustle Backpack – by Me Sew Crazy (free)

This is awesome and I want one for myself. Now.

5. Shrunken Sweater Backpack – by bofthem @ instructables (free)

This mistake ended up becoming an awesome and trendy project!

6. Petite Pack – by Sew to Speak (free)

This backpack is just too adorable! I love the button.

Creative Backpacks Tutorials & Pattens

7. Domo-kun Backpack by Doctor What @ instructables (free)

1 word: Awesome.

8. Fish Backpack by Gerbera Designs (free)

This is so cute! I can imagine this for Boy’s Day! (wiki)

9. Macpack by imanalchemist @ instructables (free)

This is just about the most creative backpack I’ve ever seen.

Adorable Paid Patterns

10. Mommy and Me Backpack by Sew Spoiled @ Etsy ($12.95)

So cute for people with little girls who want to be just like mommy!

11. Zippered Backpack by Chris W Designs @ Etsy ($9.95)

This backpack is practical and pretty.

12. Toddler Backpack by Made by Rae ($6.00 personal, $10 license to sell)

Perfect for little backs!
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